Keynotes from Midburn-Reconciliation meeting 5/10/2016

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זהו דף הקשור למידברן. דפים נוספים הקשורים לנושא ניתן למצא כאן.

Participated: Maha, Keren, Rinat, Majd, Baroch.

Our efforts would be held in the English language, to allow non-hebrew speakers to join. Please also respect that in the whatsapp group.

We need to clarify the purpuse - art? joint art? possibilities? expanding the middle-eastrn burn community? reconciliation?

how can we expand the mid-east burning community. as an aim by itself, but also as a mean of reaching reconciliation. might be a good way to invite people.

  1. palestinian camp in midburn 2017 / winter-midburn / plant-a-tree-burn
  2. sinai-burn
  3. making midburn accessible - inspirational meetings in jaffa, haifa.
  4. making midburn accessible - bus from from rammala to meet israelies
  5. middle-eastrn burners network building
  6. on the 13th of october there are 300 palestinians who come to visit israel
  7. west bank burn

we should keep in mind that mira likes to help also in translation of the midburn website to arabic.

Keren - our first step should be: start with a strong israeli-palestine community, to make the whole initiative more accessible to west-bank palestinians.

also it's better to invite people to participate. a burn party. than to invite them to hear about midburn. better walk the talk than talk the walk.

Maha - I have keys to a flat in Rawabi, which is a town in C area, accessible to west bank palestinians as well as to israelies. the plan is to invite about 10-20 people. for an evening and also to stay over to the following day. it can be a party. we'll invite mostly palestinians since our effort is community-building, and the israeli burn community is already strong and established. month from now. who are the exact palestinians that we invite? not an open invitataion but freinds of friends.

Rinat - look at it as a starting point towards a palestinian camp on winter midburns.

Baroch - so we focus on Rawabi event. and let go of the 13th of october. But it is still important for me to generally check with rachel about the next palestinian trip to israel, like this one.

Rawabi event is planned for the beginning of November, probably 3-5/11.

The next Midburn-Reconciliation team meetup will be on the 19th of October. 19th is the default, 18th another option. vote here:

p.s. - our work by now has been voluntary. I belive that it is perfectly fine to fundraise / receive grants in order to allow ourselves to accelerate our action. actually, it can even be considered a moral obligation to do whatever we can to accelerate our efforts and our outcomes. as reconciliation is really needed in our region, and as fast as possible. I hereby notify you all that I've filed for the seeds-of-peace 'gather fellowship' and invite you all to open our minds and ears for funding oppertiunities for our venture.

Happy New Year - שנה טובה :-)

[Baroch - Baroch]

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